Elan Club International (ECI)

Purpose:  ECI is comprised of owners and prospective customers to ensure the best possible experience in dealing with Elan in every facet of the buying and ownership stage.  Customer attention and care is our job #1, and ECI exhibits our commitment to all parties interested in Elan.   Membership is reserved for owners of new and pre-owned Elan boats (CLASS ONE MEMBERSHIP);   plus prospective customers; and is optional and free of charge.

Why join ECI? :  ECI reflects the attitude that we value so highly…customer attention and care in job #1.  In others words, it is our desire to develop solid, open relationships with our customers that last a life time.  It is our way to sincerely say thank you to all owners and interested parties by providing additional services and advantages.

 What are the benefits of joining ECI? :  Being a member of ECI gives you access to the private website, www.elanyacht.club, where you will find exclusive information about Elan prior to releases to the general boating community; technical updates on our boats; direct information about upcoming events and shows; special pricing offers from our new on-line marine store; and valuable information from Elan’s suppliers, some of the best in the industry.

Initial benefits include:

  • Discounts on parts;  10%
  • Additional discount of 5% from the Elan Retail Store in Begunje
  • Technical notices and advice
  • Monthly tips on boating and the boating life style
  • Discounted tickets to the INTERNAUTICA