The Art of Sailing Aboard the Elan E6

The Confluence of High Design and High Seas - Where Every Detail Sails Beyond Mere Sport

For Sebastian Rohner, the world is all about aesthetics. He is a professional photographer from Zurich and probably takes in his surroundings with a slightly different view than other, less visually oriented people. So, no wonder that he loves the Elan E6 and her extravagant looks. For him, as he said, doing a lifestyle and fashion shoot on the Elan E6 and not just any boat was an awesome opportunity. Because the styling of the Elan E6 was taken to a new level when Elan decided to work together also with the legendary Turin based designers Pininfarina when creating this yacht. Pininfarina of course is famous for not only so many timeless and now classic Ferrari car designs, but countless more notable projects in transportation and also the nautical world including large yachts.  



This is an interesting insight into a photo-shoot on board through the eyes of the photographer. As Sebastian points out in the beginning, this is not a technical video, nor is it about the practicalities of sailing or even the boat. The aim here is purely to visualize the joie de vivre, the joy of living and the exquisite lifestyle on a top-of-the-range sailing yacht. To bring this to life in his own images must have been a true feast for Sebastian!  



After all, he has two beautiful models to work with: The Elan E6, and Ivona from Belgrade. When asked if and how the design of a boat would affect his work, Sebastian immediately acknowledged that it plays a big role: A beautiful boat, in his words, is simply easier to shoot. The stylish Elan E6 stands out, with the flowing lines and the signature design of the hull and cabin window bands, for example. Together with the careful detailing in many areas, this boat, like the model, is central in creating powerful images. Talking of the model, Ivana also had an amazing experience on this day. She was completely new on the water, and had never been on a boat before. How did she like it? Obviously very much, she now hopes to spend much more time on the water: “This will be part of my future”, she said. 




So, she might also be working with Sebastian again at some point. Because they share the love of being out on the water. Sebastian is a busy studio photographer in his home town Zurich. But ever since he spent time living and working in Cape Town, he discovered his love for the sea and sailing. He made all his sailing licences in the rough ocean off South Africa and became completely hooked that he has the goal to combine his work with sailing as much as he can, now and in the future. As he says: It is such a wonderful moment when you turn off the engine and hoist the sails! We could not agree more…  

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