Elan Elan GT Line

Luxury, quality, refinement and comfort are crucial for a Grand Tourer – they’re just as important as speed, exhilaration and power. The Elan GT line yachts deliver a luxurious experience; whether you’re sailing fast in a strong breeze, motoring quietly along the coast, or enjoying a beautiful anchorage.

The way we cruise has changed and the GT line is designed to reflect that. Whether you choose to sail alone, as a couple or family, with guests or other experienced sailors, these yachts have the versatility to suit your style of cruising.

Why choose between speed and comfort when you can have both? The high-performance hulls of the GT line have been carefully optimised with extensive CFD modelling to be fast, stable and easily driven in a wide range of sea states.

Combined with a powerful and perfectly balanced sailplan, the GT Line yachts deliver great amounts of fun for the helmsman and crew on all points of sail. In the true GT spirit, the yachts’ race-derived features have been optimised for cruising to deliver precise control in all conditions, impeccable handling characteristics and a smooth, comfortable sail.