Elan GT6 Reviews

Don't just take our word for it. Read what journalists from around the world think about the Elan GT6.

Elan GT6 reviews are in!

Don't just take our word for it. Read what journalists from around the world think about the Elan GT6.

First posted: 08.12.2020 [updated]

Elan GT6 tests are now released by many acclaimed magazines from around Europe. We are happy to share with you some of the interviews, video walkthroughs, and detailed reviews.

It's always important to read different reviews and opinions so that you can make the right decision when it comes to buying your new yacht. Therefore we would like to encourage you to read them all. Don't like to read? Not a problem! Click here to check the video walkthrough of the new Elan GT6.a

Supercar lines on Elan GT6

Sam Jefferson from Sailing Today steps aboard the new Elan GT6 to find out just how stylish performance cruising really can be.

I really liked this boat - partly because it's clever and the concept works and perhaps also because, by teaming up with Porsche, Elan has created a boat that feels just a little bit different. If you are trying a high-end product, this is really important. Quality is also superb and the general feeling is that Elan has put a lot of thought into this boat and the rewards come when you sail it.

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The yacht designed by Porsche

Toby Hodges from Yachting World reviews Elan GT6

“The GT6 has a level of refinement that comes with
expert industrial design. The stark, contemporary styling,
broad sections and high freeboard, which certainly made
it conspicuous in Greenoch marina, will not appeal to all.
But the attention to detail and design throughout keeps
growing on you and sets this model apart.
The employment of a household name is not about
saying to the marina valet ‘mine’s the Porsche’. It’s more
about giving the owner an extra level of reassurance in
the product. It should imbue owners year after year with
that elusive quality which, I can only assume, Porsche
drivers have: pride.

states Toby from Yachting World

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For German readers:


The boat doesn't belong in any drawer because it's one of a kind. Elan Yachts Slovenia has developed a sailboat with innovative design and new solutions. The concept is very unique. There are almost no similarities or alternatives in today's market. The layout is simple, clean, and designed for long sailing trips. 

Presenting the new Elan GT6 in the exclusive YACHT test and exclusive interview with the CEO of Studio F. A. Porsche Christian Schwamkrug.

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For Slovenian readers:

Design and navigability combined in the Grand Tourer

Julijan Visnjevec from Val-navtika discovers all the details of this new 49 ft long sailing yacht.

The Elan GT6 is a representative of modern sailboats. Elan took the design to the next level and the hull still remains powerful and fast in all windy conditions.

When talking about layout and furniture, we are once again
witnessing excellent craftsmanship and use of quality materials. An ergonomic cockpit and excellent navigability also ensure easy sailing with a small crew.

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Porsche without a spoiler?

It is true, that the Slovenian shipyard Elan was inspired for their latest sailing yacht by the design of the Porsche 911 2.7 RS. That's why they invited Studio F. A. Porsche to design their new Grand Tourer. We were at the Adriatic sea testing this beautiful sailing yacht and enjoying the GT experience on a yacht.

Find out what CEO of Studio F. A. Porsche Christian Schwamkrug and CEO of Elan Marko Skrbin have to say about designing a sailing yacht with amazing performance and comfortable rich interior design.  

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For Slovenian readers:

Full speed ahead with the new performance cruiser 

I would be lying if I told you that we weren't thrilled with the launch of the new Elan GT6. We were impressed because of the interesting renders we saw at the last boat show in Dusseldorf and also proud because it's a new yacht from a famous Slovenian shipyard. Elan once again proves, that they truly are a pride to our country.

Milan Farkas who sailed from Portorose to Cannes and back said “The range of wind power transmitted by a sailboat Elan GT6 is extremely large - without shortening the sails. We sailed even at 28 knots of wind, but I would not advise this, because the waves were (too) big."

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For French readers:


Fast and stylish

Sébastien Mainguet from Voiles et Voiliers tests and reviews the new yacht at Cannes(Gulf of La Napoule). There were nearly 5 knots from the south but it was still a pleasure cruising with this 49 ft long sailing yacht.

When boarding on this big cruiser, we were really shocked when we saw the cockpit. It was really spacious, comfortable and it almost felt like being on a catamaran. We also noticed the care taken in design and quality

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For German readers:


Functionality is the essence of flexibly. The convertible furniture and navigation table, and the coffee table that is capable of optimal transformation to a dining table, is expanding room utility to the maximum. A flowing, wraparound belt merges living, sleeping and kitchen areas to a unified overall living space, and also gives objects a safe-and-sure anchored steadiness even in heavy seas.

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