Elan Yachts Santa Clause

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

You won't believe what Santa Clause came to

In the dark early morning of 23rd of December, an employee of Elan Yachts was putting the finishing touches on a brand-new Elan yacht, when the sound of jingle bells lured him outside. That is when, according to his first-hand account, he saw Santa Clause land in front of the assembly building with his sleigh and reindeer.


“Santa just came to pick up the yacht",

said the wide-eyed employee.


We caught up with Marko Škrbin, director of Elan’s nautical division, who explained, that the shipyard had received a few mysterious orders for the holiday period. “We were a bit confused when the deposits came from the Bank of the Northern Pole”, explained Mr. Škrbin, “but we carried out our end of our deal professionally, nonetheless”. To the whole team’s surprise, Santa Clause himself came to pick up the yachts. Primož Vilman, Head of Production, added:


“I had to tie a rope to the front cleats, and Santa just pulled the finished yacht out of the assembly building. He tied it to his sleigh and just took to the sky”!


We reached out to the Santa Clause Public Relations office for comment, and to our delight, we were connected directly with Santa himself via Sledge-Zoom video call. “This year has been hard on the Clause enterprise”, Santa explained. “Since most of the world had been on lockdown, and the opportunities to be naughty were sparse, much more people qualified for the good list. And of course, some of them wished for yachts! With our production facilities at the North Pole overcapacity, and without any experience in nautical engineering, we had to turn to Elan Yachts. They have been making great quality yachts for 75 years”! He continued, “not many manufacturers can provide great performance cruisers, Grand Turismo style luxury yachts, and pure comfort cruisers. That is why we chose Elan, and we’re confident people will be pleasantly surprised when we deliver the yachts to them on Christmas Day”!

We’re very lucky a photographer was on-site and managed to snap a few photos of the occasion. What a great way to wrap up 2020 for Elan, and an even better start of 2021 for the owners of the new yachts! On that note, Elan Yachts team would like to wish their customers, partners and employees happy holidays, and a wonderful new year 2021!