New Family Cruiser

The Elan Impression 43 Heralds a New Era for the Famous Elan Impression Line

For more than 18 years since the launch of the first Elan Impression, the Impression line was one of the key global players in the family cruising segment. These “modern classics” have won multiple awards, and are universally known as reliable, easy to maintain and sail, safe, stiff, and exceptionally durable. 

They are synonymous with having a great, worry-free relaxing time on the water, while one explores the world’s seas and oceans with family and friends. Several have circumnavigated the globe with minimal crew. 
They are also a top-of-mind choice for many investors as they are a safe investment choice in the world’s largest charter markets due to their exceptional value retention. 

All of the Elan Impression models went through many successful iterations, redesigns and modernizations, but it’s been quite some time since a completely new Elan Impression model saw the light of day. Now, after we successfully launched the unique Elan GT6 and ambitious Elan E6, we decided to introduce a completely new yacht to carry the torch for the Impression Line. Thus, the Elan Impression 43 was born. 

Boasting a modern wide-beam hull, the yacht offers much more space than previous models. Due to the continuing tradition of a raised coach roof, what we call a “semi-deck-saloon”, it holds its own against competitors as well. 

It will surprise no one that the hull and sail plan was designed by Humphreys Yacht Design. Rest assured, that the yacht will therefore have great sailing characteristics, even at fully-loaded larger displacement configurations. 

The yachts aesthetics were styled in cooperation with the design studio Pininfarina, a relationship that birthed the multiple design award-winning Elan E6 and is now continuing with the Elan Impression 43.

The hull and sail plan are optimized for easy short-handed sailing. Elan’s recognizable 3D VAIL composite technology creates a light, stiff and incredibly safe construction style. VAIL, or vacuum-assisted infusion lamination process creates a solid hull without imperfections or air bubbles, which, in combination with the vinyl ester outer layer makes the yacht osmosis-proof. The “3D” part of vacuum-assisted infusion lamination is applied to the vertical and lateral stringers, which ensures the best mechanical properties of the hull and rigging and is the secret behind Elan’s famed hull stiffness.

The deck is also constructed in VAIL technology, which adds to lightness and durability to the yacht as well as improves mechanical properties of the composite. Moreover, the construction technology process is safer for the workers and the environment, as it protects the workers from chemical exposure and reduces waste. 

The yacht has twin rudders, designed by Humphreys Yacht Design, in-house constructed rudders optimized for rigidity, endurance, and control. The twin rudder design provides finger-tip steering and reduces the tendency to broach. 

The cockpit is built for enjoyment at anchor as well as sailing pleasure. Ample seating for up to 10 people will make sure everyone has comfort on board. Optional modular cockpit table converts into two sunbeds and enables lounging and sunbathing in the cockpit as well. Beautifully designed steering pedestals can support 9-inch electronics and a myriad of other instruments one might wish for. The twin helm with composite steering wheels offers freedom of movement aboard. 

There are plenty of cockpit lockers as well, offering enough space for a life-raft, and any other equipment that needs to be on hand. 
Integrated into the deck are two transom boxes, which offer an extended seating area for the skipper and guests and can hold both a grill and a refrigerator. 

The yacht comes with a small bathing platform in standard specification, and that can be upgraded to a large platform for more space, safety, and a closed transom feel. 

No Impression yacht would be complete without the now-iconic transom seats, which are sure to be the first taken as the yacht sets sail. 

The deck can be enhanced with both synthetic and real teak, depending on the wishes of the owner. Large, flush hatches and portlights are built in the coach roof in many places, letting both light, and that soothing breeze in the interior. The yacht has a self-tacking jib is standard, but can also be upgraded to a genoa among other options. 

The interior is built with “rustic” oak veneer and marine-grade plywood, contrasted with modern gray-colored storage cupboards.

A solid oak wood finish is applied wherever the furniture is expected to go through most use, to increase its durability. 
The saloon can comfortably seat the crew around a centre table, flanked by two solid wood chairs that fold in a pre-determined space when sailing. It can also be easily converted into a double berth. 

The long side-galley features a three-ring stove with an oven and a front-opening refrigerator on the convenient L-shaped cabinet. The long layout offers plenty of surface space and cupboards for storage. The stove area is protected by easy-to-clean panels and is ventilated by a hatch above. 

Owners can choose between three or four-cabin versions. The three-cabin version includes an en-suite with an island bed and a spacious head with a separate shower, and the four-cabin version adds a cabin with bunk beds, perfect for families or groups of friends. 


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The yacht will officially be launched at Biograd Boat Show in Croatia on the 25th of October, while the pre-orders are possible from the 4th of July.